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Brand Story

At xuanai-health, we are pioneers in playfulness. For over twenty years, we’ve created toys that inspire sexual exploration — and we make them well, so your mind is free to focus on FUN. Our products are responsibly manufactured in China, with fair labor practices and a tiny carbon footprint, because we know that ethics are sexy.


  • Earning your TRUST by making toys that are responsibly and ethically manufactured, with body-friendly materials and the highest-quality Ergonomics engineering.
  • Encouraging EXPLORATION with a collection of versatile toys that has something for every body, innovated to disappear into your experience.
  • FUN. Making sure you have fun. Making sure that we have fun while we make the toys that help you have fun.


  • First to make sex toys with medical grade silicone (because we have always centered our customers’ safety)
  • First to make a waterproof and rechargeable vibe
  • First to win a mainstream design award
  • First to create toys with women in mind as well as men (no porn on the packaging, for one!)
  • We’ve created multiple entirely new product categories. In fact, we were the first high-end sex toy brand, and we’re still going strong!