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What are Penis Pumps?

Despite their role as a running gag in numerous comedies, penis pumps are one of the few guaranteed methods for achieving an erection. Many doctors even recommend penis pumps for patients who have diabetes or blood flow problems. Penis pumps can also be used to temporarily increase the size of your penis.

How Penis Pumps Work

Penis pumps create a vacuum that pulls additional blood into your shaft. The additional blood can help you achieve an erection and even boost the size of your penis. While results naturally vary, the average penis pump user will notice a slight increase in the length of his shaft and a larger boost in girth. The changes can be much more pronounced if you shaft is shorter or thinner than average.

Using Penis Pumps

Penis pumps feature a long cylinder designed to fit easily around your shaft and some type of pump. The pump should always have some type of release valve that can you can press to break the vacuum seal for your safety. The penis pump cylinder usually features some type of soft sleeve around the opening and a built-in ruler to measure your size. More advanced penis pumps might include a masturbator-style sleeve or a heavy-duty pressure gauge.

Start by inserting your penis into the long cylinder and pressing the cylinder firmly against your body. A soft sleeve helps generate a tighter seal so the penis pump will work better. Then start pumping air out of the cylinder to create a vacuum. (Depending on your penis pump, this might involve squeezing a bulb, pressing a trigger or even just turning it on.) The vacuum gets stronger and more effective as you continue pumping. When you’re finished, simply press the release valve to break the vacuum seal and remove the penis pump.

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